Small part sheet metal forming services

Our small part sheet metal forming services are perfect to meet prototype designs, pre-production volumes, low volume manufacturing, or reviving obsolete parts for product life support.

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Small part sheet metal forming services

Our sheet metal forming services are perfect to meet prototype designs, preproduction volumes, low volume manufacturing, or reviving legacy, obsolete, or end of life parts.

Sheet Metal Forming

  • Thin gauge capabilities - from 0.002" up to 0.030"
  • Forming of exotic beryllium alloys or cold-rolled steels
  • Forming of parts with dimensions smaller than a baby's fingernail up to 6" widths
  • Volumes from a single part up to several thousand parts per month.
  • Shallow and acute angle bends
  • Deep radius bends
  • Very large radius bends
  • Dimpling

Project Management

End to end service of your project, just provide us with your requirements and we will ship you the completed parts.

Legacy and end of life product support, we can use your old drawings or even reverse engineer your obsoleted parts.

Registered Professional Engineer on staff

We can take your 3D models and turn them directly into reality with no need for paper drawings. Of course we can work with your drawings be it a back of the envelope sketch or 50 year old blue prints or 2D drawings.


We ship most products in packaging trays to ensure parts that will delight you and your customers. For special projects we work with our local packaging experts to ensure that a you always receive a quality part.


Press Brakes: We use our CNC electric press brakes to provide you with accurately formed parts. Each press brake has been modified by us to ensure that we deliver accurate angles and flange dimensions.

Tooling: We have developed a set of proprietary tooling over eight years to handle the most demanding sheet metal forming jobs. For special tooling we have in house engineering and machining capabilities, for more complex tooling we work with two local tooling houses.

Inspection: We assure quality with our 14 inch optical comparator. For low volume jobs, we offer 100% inspection. For higher volume jobs, we use statistical sampling to ensure that project specifications are met.

Heat Treat Oven: We can age precipitation hardening materials such as beryllium alloys and PH series Stainless Steels with our electronic temperature controlled, nitrogen purged heat treat oven.